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Wildlife Reserve

"Riberas de Castronuño-Vega del Duero" Wildlife Reserve


The “Riberas de Castronuño-Vega del Duero” wildlife sanctuary is distinguished from Al Kauthar and it is only far five minutes from it by foot; Toro, Zamora, Salamanca, Medina del Campo, Valladolid and Tordesillas are towns and cities nearby Al Kauthar due to the strategic situation of Castronuño.


The Wildlife Reserve is beautifully made of paths, river routes, poplars, reed beds, oaks, little sun-kissed hills and

magic corners that you like and enjoy so much.



The Banks of Castronuño is a Protected Nature Reserve in the Castronuño municipal district.


The banks are located also along Tordesillas, Pollos and Torrecilla de la Abadesa.


Its area has 8420 Ha. 260 species can be watched at this open space.

For instance, we find aquatic species such as carps, barbels, tenches and small carps.

This is one of the last shelters for numerous birds' species to have a rest during migration, spend winter

months and reproduce.

The fact that there are species threatened with extinction at this place increases its value even more.

It constitutes the main wetland in Valladolid and one of the most important birds’ concentration areas of the

whole region that is a member of the Natural Spaces Chain (REN, in spanish Red de Espacios Naturales) of

Castile and Leon.

The nature reserve is considered a Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA, in spanish Zona Especial

de Protección de las Aves) at an european level.

Species such as herons, ducks, egrets, storks, gooses, predatory animals... you will find here.

There are hundreds of wonderful corners that will make your stay in Castronuño an unforgettable experience.


Visit to "La Casa del Parque" and guided tour by "La Senda de los Almendros"   
Your birdwatching journey will begin at "La Casa del Parque", the conservation center; monitors will explain the ecosystem.
After, your tour will continue along the river by "La Senda de los Almendros" where species can be watched from the pointviews.
You can have a detailed explanation of the complex ecosystem created by the oak forest, the river, irrigated lands, poplars and a huge variety of living species that conform this biodiversity.
An enjoyable opportunity by the charming paths of the wildlife reserve is waiting for you.
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