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The town of Toro, on the top of a hill, like Castronuño, is 18 kilometres far from Castronuño and San José dam; the fertile plain of the Duero river refreshes the road and paths.

Two buildings; a wooden cabin with living-room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, and other more rustic, imitating the old stables, with kitchen and a cozy library tea room, invite the traveller to evoke the tranquillity and spirituality of the water.

From Al Kauthar the traveller can distinguish the immensity of the oak forest, like the ocean, and between this infinite horizon and Castronuño (the town), the river flows quietly.

Nearby the river Duero “Al Kauthar”, the abundance, the water runs through the channels and jumps in the fountains of this walled enclosure with remembrances of the Alhambra of Granada.

The patio, with fountains, is full of typical species of la Alhambra; magnolias; boxes; privets; cypresses; palm trees; medlar trees; and dracenas, all of them are sustainable in a climate with similar levels of humidity and temperature.

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