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Salamanca, the most beautiful city


Salamanca is the university city by excellence, known in the whole world for this and for its artistic richness: cathedrals, palaces, churches... of artistic styles such as romanesque, gothic, plateresque and barroque.
In our journey, walking around the city we will find the Plaza Mayor, la "Casa de las Conchas", the "Nueva Cathedral", the "Universidad", the "Catedral Vieja", the "Clerecía", the "Iglesía de San Benito", the "Convento de las Úrsulas", the "Palacio de Monterrey"; the "Convento de San Esteban", and the "Convento de las Dueñas".


We will visit museums; "Casa de las Conchas"; "Catedral Nueva"; "Universidad"; "Catedral Vieja"; "Clerecía y Universidad Pontificia"; "Iglesia de San Benito"; "Convento de las Úrsulas"; "Convento de las Dueñas"; "Palacio de Monterrey"; and "Convento de San Esteban".


We will see those secret places that we won´t want to leave; "Torre del Clavero"; "Torre de Abrantes"; "Fonda Veracruz"; "Cueva de Salamanca"; "Palacio de Orellana"; "Iglesia de San Marcos"; "Palacio de Arias Corvelle"; "Torre del Aire"; "Huerto de Calixto y Melibea"; "Iglesia de Sancti Spiritus"; "Iglesia de San Juan de Sahagún".
Salamanca is a vibrant, friendly, dynamic, safe and well-kept city and you will be enraptured by her as soon as you get there.
Talking in Spanish with your tutors while walking by this magic city, and having tapas on its dozens of cozy restaurants and bars will be the most enjoyable way to learn Spanish and an experience that you will never forget.
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The strategic position of Castronuño
Castronuño is in the South of Valladolid province and nearby Zamora and Salamanca, two of the nine Castilian provinces; the town is 56 kms from Valladolid, 56 kms from Salamanca, and 56 kms from Zamora.
Medina del Campo (28 kms), Tordesillas (29 kms), and Toro (18 kms from Castronuño) are other minor cities, but important because of their artistic, historic and cultural legacy.
This situation turns Castronuño into the headquarters to visit all these artistic places; the Northwest highway connects Castronuño with most of them.
Toro is a magic and charming town.
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Medina del Campo 
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